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A small rural town in East Central Pennsylvania. This town is well-known for its 300 pound toothless women wnadering the streets. There are also an abundance of 14 year-old's dressing as prostitutes. The one piece of art in the city is a statue of some pervert fireman holding a baby.
I am a child molester so I went to Slatington.

I have a fat woman fetish so I went to get me some action in Slatington.
by death2qwerty January 24, 2005
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Also know as Lehgigh Carbon Community College, this cheap college is an excuse for a college for people with no plans for the future or just don't have much money. There rec room consists of 3 pool tables and some arcade games. The one pool table is free... you just go to put quarters in and it doesn't take your money and you can play for free. Also people are fucking idiots and like to block your car in the parking lot when it is snowing and double park, because people do not know how to drive.
I have an I.Q of 50 and got the same score on my SAT's so i go to LCCC.

I like to block people in there parking spots when it is snowing by parking behind them in the middle of a driving lane so I am attending LCCC this semester.
by death2qwerty January 25, 2005
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An online role-playing game where hords of 12 and 14 year old pre-adolesent boys come on to call each other newbs and noobies. Also it is an ideal place to pretend you are a girl and have a girl charecter and have other guys hit on you because they are secretly gay.
I am the stupidest piece of shit in the world so I like to play runescape.

I am a runescaper because I am gay.
by death2qwerty February 03, 2005
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