Slang, means intoxicated, drunk. When people get drunk they loose their sense of balance, i.e. legless. Chiefly british.
Downed 8 pints last night I was totally legless.
by Joe February 1, 2005
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a gangstar walk but unfortunatly he is disabled and walks with a limp
oi you bent leg less gangstar get your leg less ass hear
by zubair May 6, 2004
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a guy called mr leg AKA faisal legless mustafa goes to SHS and is a bent legless biaatch he also has a lakar thy lat (wooden leg)also wears boot leg trowsers
mr wooden legless get ur wooden leg over hear befor i chop it u leg joint chop that leg mr leg jones i have no legless
by mr bootleg May 9, 2004
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So drunk you keep falling over. Same ass Gatted and Ratarsed.
Me and Daz went down the social last night, we got absolutely legless.
by Johnny Bosanova January 1, 2004
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To be "legless" is to get so drunk that you cannot stand up or walk on your own.

Often they are the drunkest person at an event or in an area. They were probably the life of the party five minutes prior.

Leglessness is a lifestyle. You do not choose it. It chooses you.

The Legless Legacy torch or "Leglecy" is passed down from generation to generation only to those who prove their master drinking ability through a battle to the death.
1: "Hey Legless, what'd you do this weekend?"
2: "Smoked the wrong end of the cigarette, hooked up with *****, and punched my friend in the face. You know, nothing out of the ordinary."
by MarshaF October 27, 2012
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Daniels condition caused by being too small and down syndromistic making his legs disappear into thin air, have you seen them??
Hey bro have you seen legless?
Nah bro not seen Daniel for a while just look down to find him
by Daniel99gg January 22, 2020
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