Slam. To Slam. Slammed.
1) To annihilate someone so badly in an argument to the point that they can't recover.
2) To beat someone down. (Usually involved in which the victim gets beat senseless.)
Bro 1: Bro! did you see Porter get slammed in that bar fight?!
Bro 2: Fuck yeah! I told Porter not to get in a fight with that dude.
Bro 1: And he did it anyways. What a Porter move.

See "Porter"
by I'mThatGuy January 31, 2014
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buzzkill; usually a dumb ho or a queerbait homosexual who acts a fool and has to be put in check. the term is said to have originated at the University of Arizona.
DJ, you're a fuckin SLAM!
by Nicoman November 17, 2006
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Remark of emphasis, to punctuate a statement or comment in a strong fashion, to expose ones' shortcomings or failings,
Bitch, you stupid! Awwwwwww slam slam!!!!!!
by Stephanie Carroll May 19, 2004
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An ugly ass Asian woman that white guys think is hot because they are too stupid to differentiate between an attractive Asian woman and one that looks like a monkey.
White Guy: "I fucked that slam slam pussy good!"
by Muffy the Slampire Slayer April 28, 2011
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Having an insane amount of work dumped on you that leaves ya winded and overwhelmed.
My boss totally slammed me at 5:00 PM on Friday forcing me to stay at work till 10:00 PM.
by Seahawk April 15, 2004
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to mainline or inject drugs. you can snort, smoke, or slam.
I got the crytal, you bring the rigs, and let's slam; I'm ready to party tonight.
by redleft123 February 28, 2004
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