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A sexual panther. A man who is well endowed, and knows how to use what he has. He gets the ladies. Other men envy him.
Did you see it? That dude is a total Gruber!

Man, that kid was playing the ladies like a total Gruber.
by I get the ladies January 19, 2010
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1) A cold pimp-daddy, known to pimp on foot in the snow.
2) A pimp that likes to get his groove on. Usually residing in cool to cold climates.
3) A bearded-stallion of a man. Always heterosexual.
4) A young, handsome buck whom is expertly schooled in the art of womanizing, and stylin' & profilin'.
5) A womanizer known to possess a fierce left strait.
"Keep yo daughtas way from dat chil... Dat boys a gruber!"

-Harriet Tubman
by Seth McCain September 07, 2006
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A person who braggarts the bowl, is annoying as shit, talks to much, and often double hits the bowl too. Often asks for a VIP hit (an extra hit).
dude you just double hit the bowl. don't be a Gruber
by Taco Bob May 04, 2010
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The guy who pretends he has breasts and pretends to squish them.
Jerald: Greg what are you doing?

Greg: just showing my feminine side.

Jerald: fuckin’ gruber.
by Lachstar2004 June 18, 2018
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