A sexual panther. A man who is well endowed, and knows how to use what he has. He gets the ladies. Other men envy him.
Did you see it? That dude is a total Gruber!

Man, that kid was playing the ladies like a total Gruber.
by I get the ladies January 20, 2010
1) A cold pimp-daddy, known to pimp on foot in the snow.
2) A pimp that likes to get his groove on. Usually residing in cool to cold climates.
3) A bearded-stallion of a man. Always heterosexual.
4) A young, handsome buck whom is expertly schooled in the art of womanizing, and stylin' & profilin'.
5) A womanizer known to possess a fierce left strait.
"Keep yo daughtas way from dat chil... Dat boys a gruber!"

-Harriet Tubman
by Seth McCain September 7, 2006
Grandparents that drive grandkids to and from school or other events on a regular basis.
I can’t join you for lunch today because I’m on Gruber duty this afternoon.
by Awesome Nana March 29, 2021
Slightly camp. From the UK tv show allo allo, Hans Gruber has a little tank
by Mbzh11 September 7, 2019
A person who braggarts the bowl, is annoying as shit, talks to much, and often double hits the bowl too. Often asks for a VIP hit (an extra hit).
dude you just double hit the bowl. don't be a Gruber
by Taco Bob May 4, 2010
(Verb) To mislead the public into believing lies to achieve personal ideological laws pass.
by Cree Wise November 14, 2014
John Gruber is grubering everybody by accidentally saying that Obamacare was intentionally written so that stupid voters couldn't understand it.
by FBHO November 14, 2014