to slam = to eat (mostly used when extremly hungry or when being stoned and having the muncheese)

The word is of Danish origin and can be used as an adjective as in SLAM(MEREN)= something slam(ish)
fuck jeg ska ha noget slammeren mad nu

(fuck! im gonna get me some reel slammish food now)

lets slam som breakfast!

i just slammed a shitload of pandcackes!
by Rumleskaft June 20, 2010
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Filling a filthy whore's pussy with your swinging meat dangle.
Stuffing some dripping meat drapes with your blue veined custard chucker.
"This bitch wanted to slam, but I didn't have a jimmy hat...but I slammed it anyway"

"I jus took you to a fuckin $30 a plate dinner - are we gonna slam or what?"

"I was slamming the hell out of this skeezie..."

by bTreezy October 25, 2006
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n. In prison, inmates will put chips, various candy, cheetos etc between two pieces of bread. (like a sandwich) and eat it. It gets its name from the chips or whatever being slamed between two pieces of bread.
Big bubba and Joey made some slams in their cell yesterday. When Big bubba was parolled he taught me how to make some slams
by Sexymullatoboi July 31, 2010
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Among thousands of other definitions, many of which have already been mentioned, a "slam" is a spoken-word poetry contest. They are high energy and very entertaining. Modern "slam" is connected closely with rap and freestyle rap.
A "slam" is also a work of slam poetry.
Ex. 1: Man, that slam was godly good. Kennesha won, damn, she and and her words . . . damn!"

Ex. 2: I wrote a new slam yesterday .. . wanna see it?
by Shookmilk March 02, 2004
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A term used by postmen (mailmen) in the U.K for mail that is purposely not delivered, usually for top floor flats.
This pratice is not endorsed by the Royal Mail but is common place amongst posties, especially on a Saturday in an effort to secure an early finish.
Slamming involves reintroducing the letter into the mail system the next day back at work.
The undelivered item is refered to as a slammer.
John the postie wants home for 10, he's going to be slamming all the crap for top floors today.
by Postal Avenger July 11, 2006
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Latin (slammo): English: Most commonly used in the restaurant business.

Definition: To change ones pace. A common example from a leisurely walk to a light stroll.
"How busy were you today Jerry?"

"We were slammed today, I am so exhausted."

"What do you mean?" Asked Sam.

"I was relaxing hardly moving, then all of a sudden I felt like I was running."
"Thanks for clearing that one up."

"Your welcome random guy."
by Marcredii Getsetgo September 30, 2018
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