Continuos, heavy poundings into any of a girls orifices, while shouting (at the top of your voice) 'SLAM SLAM SLAM SHAZAM' the shazam indicating your ejaculation.
Jessica: Hey babe want to try anything new tonight?

Ilyess: Yeh i thought i would give you the old 'Slam slam slam shazam'
by Arthwani June 20, 2011
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"I tried to ollie up to the bench but my back foot slipped and I slammed."
by Andrew July 02, 2004
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Man, that bitch was trying to be prude, but I took out my huge cock and she let me pound the hell out of her anyway!
by Brown Sugar March 20, 2003
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n. Having your Honda Civic lowered to the ground to improve aerodynamics (i.e. look really dumb) so you can get better gas mileage driving to your job as Mc Donald's Hamburger Technician from your parents' house. Frequently accompanied by a gigantic, turd-shaped spoiler with no aerodynamic effect.
Man, that slammed Honda looks ghey. I hope the owner's mom doesn't know he saved up his allowance for 5 years to buy that lowering kit.
by Braxtron May 14, 2003
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having your car lowered to the extreme for looks and handling..
Btw...stop hating on hondas
my car is so slammed i have to creep over speedbumps
by honda ryder March 28, 2007
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An expression used to encourage a man that is having sex with a woman to be more forceful with his thrusting.
Stop being such a pansy, and slam it! slam it!
by GT 'Ho Jo forever' June 11, 2004
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