A subtle way to remove pubes from one's cheeks and mouth post-cunnilingus, by moving back up to a kissing position by alternating left and right wipes along a woman's thighs, abdomen and breasts.
Kat had a serious fulby--I had to slalom like crazy after I went down on her.
by JustMC February 28, 2016
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Two men lay down on a bed and a woman grabs each of their erect poles and works them like she's about to earn a gold medal at the next winter games alpine event. (A double hand job.)
We were all drunk at Cindy's the other night and after she went down on Bob she worked on her slalom's with us.
by themenace July 18, 2013
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1. (v) It's like T bagging in the snow.

2. (v) Frozen sploshing.
"Hey Adam! It's snowing! Perfect weather to stay indoors and slalom."

He's a great slalomer.
by Just a Glambert April 12, 2011
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A sexual position where the male partner is lying flat on the ground, penis erect, and the female is riding the throbbing sausage like a skier, by means of squatting up and down with dildos in each hand.
Miley Cyrus totally just slalomed that 8th grader. Its on efuked.com!
by Throbber69rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr December 4, 2008
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to repeatedly stagger left and right while walking forward as if you're on an invisible slalom course; usually the result of excessive alcohol consumption
"Man, I got so fucking shitfaced last night that I was slaloming the entire 45-minute walk home!"
by TheEvilHammer October 21, 2011
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Noun. Verb. Girl lays down on her side, and lifts up one leg. The guy rubs lube all over the leg still on the ground and the "fuzzy taco." After the girl is all slippery, the guy straddles the girl's leg and takes hold of the arm that is pointing up in the air.
I didn't want to eat her out, so I got some lube and did the slippery slalom.
by Butch & Tyler May 14, 2009
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A dangerous method of driving used in regions where severe winter weather shits up the roads causing enormous potholes that than have to be avoided in an alpine like style. This type of driving usually continues on until construction season,when drivers get to be unhappy about road obstructions in the form of assholes who can't direct traffic.
Yo, the roads were such a mess I was slalom driving all the way to work.
by misanthropic guest speaker March 12, 2009
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