Noun: a sexual/sensual food exchange, in which at least one person covers another person in foods of different tastes, textures, and temperatures. Eating the food off said person is optional. It is common practice for the "sploshee" to be nude so as to heighten the feeling of the food on their bare skin. The "splosher" can be nude or clothed based on preference. Other common usages are the present verb splosh.
"He knelt in the shower while his partner covered him with layer after layer of sticky syrups, slick oils, and chilled liquids. Never knowing what sensation or intoxicating aroma she would be sploshing him with next, each touch of her hand or dribble of liquid sent waves of awareness shooting through his body."
by Mistress Shae Flanigan June 25, 2009
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Verb: the act of placing food on another person, and usually eating it off of them, for pleasure. A full-bodied food fetish. Commonly used in present participal form sploshing. Can also be used as a noun splosh.
"One of my friends is a chef and has some interesting kinks...she loves to have parties where she gets to splosh her lovers with her own culinary creations."
by jerich0 June 2, 2003
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running around naked in a room with many other people, throwing pies at them for sexual pleasure
my aunt likes to splosh with her neighbor friend
by Jeri October 20, 2003
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Covering one's self in food/wet and messy substances in order to acheive sexual stimulation/arousal.

As seen in an HBO episode of Real Sex #24 the issue of Sploshing was explained. The fact that the Brittish had tight upper lips did not mean that so were their genitals. The thought of tasty desires has come today to be published in a magazine, "Splosh"! When people think of food, they automatically think of sex. Nothing is more arousing then an appitite for lust?
"At the splosh party the group covered eachother in body paint and whipped cream."
by little Lady March 7, 2005
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Noun: a sexual/sensual food party, in which participants cover each other in foods of different tastes, textures, and temperatures. eating the food off each other is optional. Nudity and sexual interactions often follow. Other common usages are the present verb splosh and the present participle verb form sploshing.
"We were at this sploshing party and my friend got covered in chocolate sauce and whipped cream, then they had her sit on a birthday cake! she really loved it!"
by jerich0 June 2, 2003
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Slang for tea in the UK, primarily London.


Builder's Splosh - All day, ordinary, brown tea-with-milk, with or without sugar. Drunk by most tea drinkers. So-called 'builder’s' to imply tea drunk in a greasy spoon (def. 2) before plastering something; to differentiate from 'fanny'. Also drunk by students and tokers Tokers Tea.

Fanny Splosh - Pink/any-colour-except-brown and/or transparent, fruit or herb flavour, no-milk-tea. Drunk by girls and hippies, the 'health conscious', ('fanny' implying UK def = vagina).
'Oooh, I'd love a nice cuppa splosh'

'Fancy a cup of splosh?'

'You want fanny splosh or builders splosh?'

by 5t3IIa April 7, 2006
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The sound that is made when your feces hits the surface of the toilet water.
"When I did my number two, it made a big SPLOSH!"
by Josh-has-a-big-doodle July 31, 2012
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