one who vigorous posts political propaganda and petitions in an effort to affect change in the world without leaving the comfort of the computer screen
No one ever shows up for our Slacktivists United meetings.
by deepvmusicsucks November 9, 2014
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A person that does simple things like change their avatar colour or post a status update about a cause instead of actively supporting the cause.
Slacktivists twitter/facebook:
I just turned my twitter avatar green to support haiti, LOL.

OMG feel well sorry for the people in (major disaster/big news story), hope you get better soon xoxo
by 4ndr3wk January 19, 2010
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Someone who spends all their time on Social Networking Sites doing the work of an activist when they should be working.
I hardly have anything to do at work anymore besides being a slacktivist.
by Darcyism May 19, 2009
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Those that believe they deserve what they get because they “showed up”. What, earn a living by working hard, not me!
I hired a couple of slacktivists and and now I cannot fire them without a boatload of "write ups." Gotta prove they are worthless. Come see me in my office. What? Where are HR? Yeah so they can coddle your lazy ass and make it impossible to get rid of you. Pinhead!

By Tortured and Tired, October 16, 2017
by Tired and Tortured October 16, 2017
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Slacktivists are people who participate in tweetstorms (online) or stand outside in the streets and parks (IRL) screaming for change. These people think they can change the world by holding up cardboard signs. Slacktivism has as much chance of changing Wall Street's ways with Occupy and Anonymous signs as professional wrestling fans do of convincing the general public to "Vote -4- The Rock."
These dirty slacktivists are making it harder for me to do my grocery shopping.

Did you hear the government stopped being corrupt because 500 people RT'd some slacktivism tweet by @YourAnonNews?
by Versability December 7, 2013
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n. A political activist who has been active in the past, but in the present mostly talks about politics, drinks beer, smokes weed, and has sex with other activists.
After the strike, noose papier became a slacktivist; he needed the break.
by eugene March 3, 2004
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An activist interested in any social issue who fails to actively participate in person as a change agent. Instead, this kind of activist sits behind a computer keyboard trying to effect change using social media as their sole forum for activism. These activists are not actively engaged in the cause in person or in a physical sense.
Some protesters picketed the company to try to get the company to change their ways, while the keyboard slacktivists took up the cause by posting only on Twitter and Facebook.
by Swerky March 9, 2015
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