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Explanations presented in New York newspapers about current trending happenings where fact are distorted and misrepresent. Readers could compare this "Fake News".
Today a NY newspaper presented an article nytimesplaining a current happening in Washington DC and it was full of confusing distorted non factual information.
by Tired and Tortured January 26, 2018
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Those that believe they deserve what they get because they “showed up”. What, earn a living by working hard, not me!
I hired a couple of slacktivists and and now I cannot fire them without a boatload of "write ups." Gotta prove they are worthless. Come see me in my office. What? Where are you...in HR? Yeah so they can coddle your lazy ass and make it impossible to get rid of you. Pinhead!

By Tortured and Tired, October 16, 2017
by Tired and Tortured October 16, 2017
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