Sitting on someone's shoulders whilst using the urinal, and handing your resume to the business executive using the urinal besides you.
Bruh, I need to piss. Hop on, you can do some networking.
by Bobbo231 January 9, 2020
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A method for unskilled people to get hired for jobs over people who are skilled.
Despite being an incompetent worker, I'm employed because I'm great at networking!
by hublahh August 3, 2010
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Hanging out with friends and occasionally people would come, and we would meet some others
I actually dont like the word "networking" coz a lot of people annoy me when they do that, the stupid same questions they ask everyone. For me, i was hanging with my friends and occasionally people would come, and we would meet some others
by Taffy McGee April 13, 2012
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Pronounced: (Uh-Lan)
Partying, and drinking.
I cant make it tonight, I have to go networking.
The best way to meet people is to network.
by networking June 12, 2014
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you meet GIRL A, GIRL A has three friends, GIRL 1, GIRL 2 GIRL 3. After meeting girls 1,2,and 3. you find out that all three of them and lots of girlfriends of their own..

And so on and so fourth

dude, you wanna come hang out? Stacy is bringing a few of her girlfriends out, I figured we could do some networking.
by Nathan Rondot July 27, 2007
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Internet based conversations i.e., buisnesses, relationships, manly for sales and advertising buisnesses.
Yes you can find jobs, movies, music, social sites, gaming, everything a person could want to keep the buisy for hrs upon hrs in a day/week/mnth/yr. Some people are so into networking they invoke key stokes as thier only way of life.
Guy: Go on the internet to find what you need.
Girl: What I need is more personal oriented than so inpersional on a pc. i.e. Networking
Guy: You can find anything you want here. Even Love. haha
Girl: Retrospectivly yes music, old movies, friends I haven't chatted with in years from moving away from home, vacations, history and news facts. Hopefuly investors in book ideas, management Co., ect.,

Guy: Well if you don't like to network so much why are you on so much now?
Girl: Because this is the only connection I have with someone important to me. i.e. Love
Guy: Your doing this because of a guy? Isn't that stalking dear?
Girl: Doesn't that mean that everyone who networks is stalking something? Just food for thought cutie. Especialy hackers with high priced and powerd computers. They spend thier lives online. I wounder how many personal relationships are realy built that way.
Guy: look it up you are on the internet duh!
by Wolfdg*8*mysoUl December 3, 2009
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Present participle of Network (V)
The act of taking a "cable" and/or "wireless", connecting it to something that connects to something else and, voila! You now have Internet.
Matt: What is Networking?
Josh: See, you take a cable or wireless and you connect to some shit that connects to some other shit and then internet.
by blight01010 May 29, 2012
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