A pair of full length pants, or trousers.
Nice pair of slacks you're wearing today.
by nurofinn August 16, 2007
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Well, you never know when you might needs something on the spur of the moment for a wedding or maybe someone's graduation, or a nice date, so I'll probably take some nice slacks, a dress shirt, and a couple (of) crazy ties or two.
by saturn_only July 10, 2009
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Can Refer to a female who is realy Attractive or it can refer to sex.
Wow check out that slack dude!

If she is making me take her out to dinner she better bust out the slack later man.
by Marz13 April 24, 2008
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- the dated word your mother-in-law would use instead of "pants"
He has a lovely pair of slacks on.

by Doctor Livingstone May 15, 2005
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1. One's level of sexual looseness or skill.
'im one to b' proud of 'is slackness. 'e 'as all dem women. Di ooman dem wanna stamina daddy, ya hear. One wit all day slackness is one 'at stepper
by Tim May 25, 2006
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Only used in Birmingham and Solihull area. Slack is when something is harsh. It can be used in many different ways.
Ben - "check out that boy, he's fat"
Ben's friend - "Slack man" or "That was slack"
by David D June 23, 2005
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“How big is it?”
“On the slack or off?”
by Slapheadylicious April 7, 2020
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