to goof off, to waste time, to waste your whole life
I dropped out of college, gonna just slack for a year or 2.
by Anonymous November 8, 2002
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unwaranted perverse behavior
Sanjay's behavior at the bar was pure and utter slackness.
by childofleroy September 11, 2003
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Australian slang used alot lately showing someone not interested in doing something, or one who is lazy.
Robert: Hey lets go to the shop
Sam: Naa, slack!
by Karina September 9, 2004
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Something that is disgusting, unpleasant, and offensive to the eye.

Just down-right nasty!!

"Oh my damn"!! Why in the hell did that girl put on that!!!!! She looks so SLACK!!!

2) Lets say that some1 dose something nasty. and You say
"yo SLACK ass!!!

3) When you hear something that is Nasty. you say
"Awww that sounds Slack!!"
by Luv 2Shady December 26, 2005
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absence of rules . . . wholly grail for a Subgenius
by CruiserBob September 18, 2008
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The absence of rules. Especially dogmatic or stupid rules that constrict freedom in modern humans. Slack in it's purest form is freedom.
Give me some slack . . . Jack!
by Vidaddy September 28, 2008
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Slack can be a short of SLACKWARE,
Slackware Linux, the kernel or operating system or os.

Slackware is the greatest Linux distribution ever!
- Are u using windows xp?
- Yeah :-(, it can't be any worse! How about u?
- Well, I'm using Slackware Linux! It doesn't blue screen like windows! HAHA Windows Sucks!
- Yeah it really does!
by POE December 24, 2003
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