1. To do something extraordinarily sick, cool or excellent.
2. To root/fuck.
3. To pull something out: Either a verbal 'call' or a physical action.
1. "That dude really busts out on his skateboard."
"I can bust out sweet nollie flips these days."
2. "I'd love to bust that bitch out."
3. "Bust out that new dance move you were trying last week man."
"I busted out a call about his sister. He wasn't happy."
"Bust out that new Redman CD."

by Diego July 29, 2003
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This originally came from the late 70's - black american slang meaning to ask for something that you want. Used to use it all the time in Marine Corps ~78-82'.
Someone has some potato chips that look good!

Dre: - Yo man, bust out with those chips!

Mike: Hell no! Buy your own!
by expat-in-oz January 29, 2006
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To put a large amount of effort into a particular task.

Commonly used in Australia.
Dude 1: Man I've got a 5000 words business assignment due tomorrow and I haven't started.

Dude 2: Shit man you're gonna have to bust out or you're fucked.
by austinofbris October 15, 2008
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When you begin tell something that is unbelievable.
Yo, bust out how I smoked 20 blunts in one day.
by Timothy M. White Jr. May 7, 2003
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A pregnant woman. Usually used in reference to a woman who is later in her term.
"Dude, she's like 9 months pregnant"

"Oh, shit, son. She a bust out!"
by Kasty March 12, 2005
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a Loser This person has no money, probably no job, wearing beat ass shit, thinkin it looks straight.

You will often find this person bumming stuff off of others.

This person is probably a smoker but never has any of their own cigarettes. Never give this person a cigarette because then you will be supplying their habit the rest of your life.

Bust outs are low life people, who prob have like 5 kids and a boyfriend who aint the dad of any of them. They dont have to be women though, male bust outs are usually the dad of at least 2-3 kids.

Bust outs will be broke as fuck but still manage somehow to scrape together $10 for a blunt.

Many bust outs come from various places in Providence, Silver Lake and West Warwick.
Guy:" Im sick of him asking me for cigarettes all day at work, I shoulda never lit one up in front of him...that dudes such a bust out."

Guy1: "Hey lets go down to the courthouse and pay on your fine."
Guy2: "Cant, I spent the last of my check on some weed"

Girl1 while driving downtown: "hey isnt that so and so over there walking...lets stop and say hi!"
Girl2: No no dont, that bust out will def need a ride somewhere."
by ri2dc October 6, 2011
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What a bust out, shes got five kids and 5 babys daddys!
by Missy M1 August 27, 2008
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