Spur of the moment means to do something on impulse, without any forward planning. This could be due to fear, or as such, another emotion. The majority of people confuse this with 'spare of the moment', which in itself is an incorrect statement.
"I asked her to marry me, on the spur of the moment"
"what did she say?"
"she loved the spontanity of it"
by yoodoll October 04, 2009
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To do something Off the Cuff, or a at moments notice. Linked to spontaneity, or spontaneous people.
by Mafoo... April 25, 2007
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When going down on him is taking too long, he tells you to take off your pants and he climbs on top in the front seat.
OMG! Last night I had THE best spur of the moment carsex ever!
by vanityinsanity August 31, 2009
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where a kid is kidnaped by a pedifile or as they like to call themselves a kid lover.
Man1: I didn't know you were adopted.
Man2:yeah it was a spur of the moment adoption.
by deep blue 2012 December 29, 2009
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Something done on the fly, without any prior planning.
Bob: Hey, man, why didn't you invite me to the beach with you guys?
Fred: Sorry, man, it was spur the moment!
by MaggieAwesome June 27, 2011
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1)When u feelin fresh as a mothafucka like u just got a new impala bac from the hydraulic u got a new pair of G-unit classics from the reebok site. u dicide to cruise down the street at 2 miles an hour.
2)A kick-ass song by Ludacris
(luda) Hey lemmie ask u sumthin. u ever had 1 of those days were u felt like u got rid of all the bad C's in your life? You know u just got ur paycheck u just payed off a car note or sumthin just jumped out the shower feelin fresh as a muthufucka with ur dress shoes on. You know what im talkin about?
(DJ Quik)u meen u paid off like a Cadillac car note?
(Luda) Like a Cadillac man. like u wanna call evry body u know and have a party. dont even plan it just do it.
(DJ Quik)in Compton we call that spur the moment.
(Luda) Well lets do it then spur the moment.
by chicoblaco June 06, 2005
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