14 definitions by Shawn Farrell

A futuristic weapon with nearly limitless ammunition. It uses electro-magnetism to accelerate a mass, which can tear through several layers of armor. The recoil from one of these is higher than most other rifles.
The batallion of soldiers equipped with impact rifles made swiss cheese of that line of tanks.
by Shawn Farrell May 6, 2004
Acronym for All Terrain Armored Transport.
AT-ATs are one of the most effective ground weapons ever created.
by Shawn Farrell May 6, 2004
Used on ships from gunships to dreadnoughts, particle beam cannons are some of the most effective weapons developed. Smaller ships like gunships and corvettes have few anti-capital cannons, and more anti-fighter cannons. Larger ships employ multiple anti-capital cannons, which make for spectacular ship battles.
The particle beam cannon was only seen in the Lucifer in FreeSpace.
by Shawn Farrell May 6, 2004
A fault line that spans a length of roughly eight hundred miles through California. The San Andreas fault marks a transform boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate. Massive earthquakes occur on this fault line.
Contrary to what ignorant kids think, San Andreas actually exists in the REAL world as a fault line.
by Shawn Farrell November 16, 2004
A military AI computer network created by Cyberdyne Systems that gains sentience and begins a genocidal war against humanity when US military officials try to pull the plug on the project. Sends two Terminators back in time, one to destroy opposition leader John Connor's mother before Connor is born, and one to eliminate Connor ten years later.
Skynet's undoing was its use of humans to dispose of bodies in its death camps.
by Shawn Farrell November 16, 2004
The largest vessel ever created. This dreadnought was first designed during the infancy of the GTVA, by the Emperor Khonsu II. Its construction took over twenty years, ending with the unveiling of the twelve kilometer starship during a minor skirmish. The Colossus and its 10,000 member crew all perished while valiantly distracting the first Sathanas juggernaut.
Jump, Colossus.

We can't, we've been disabled.
by Shawn Farrell May 6, 2004
Officially, a designation that made a consul into a leader of the armies of the state.

Title of certain warlords. (before the Roman Empire)
Praetors combined the roles of judges, generals, and governers.
by Shawn Farrell May 5, 2004