A meeting place for goofies and other retarded folk. Sometimes they come to learn about specific job related skills. 99% of the students at Career Center are mentally disabled.
If you go to Career Center, you'll see a retard named Spencer.
by Porkchoppy McMoose January 11, 2005
Vanguard Career Center is an alternate high school in Northern Ohio for displaced students who have yet to do anything productive other than take speed and smoke pot. It's also a great place to go for fat kids, ghetto kids, or any other kids that would be made fun of in a real high school. At Vanguard, they're considered cool.
(In a regular high school): "Dude... you are such a dork and you have no friends."

(At Vanguard Career Center, Fremont, Ohio): "Dude... you are so fucking cool and you have a ton of friends."
by potsmokinmotherfucker January 25, 2013
Technology school in Lebanon County Pa ,full of hicks, that try to act like they are from the city, and most of the students end up working at jobs somewhat in their field of study, Diesel Technology has the most tire marks and smoke.
Look that guy who got ran over my a mack truck is from Lebanon County Career and Technology Center.
by Sweigart34 November 25, 2019
Where you go to get a good sucky suck in the lake. Tons of hoes and goats to go around.
Dang girl you being such a Miami Valley Career Technology Center.
by Sexydog445 November 19, 2020