3 definitions by Derp Man

1. The act of assassinating a Bikini Bottom citizen who is particularly associated with large amounts of money.

2. To make larger.

3. To break someone's neck and then making out with the dead body.
1. The assassin wanted to gain a large amount of money, so he decided to wombo.
2. Spongebob was sure that making the W upside down would wombo things.
3. Desperate for violence and romance, the woman womboed his boyfriend.
by Derp Man September 1, 2012
A douchebag of high douchebaggery in the feudal world that often kidnaps a princess(of his own kingdom) instead of saving one. In the modern age though, a sir douchebag just has extremely douchebaggy-like qualities, but higher than that of a regular douchebag and lower than that of prince douchebag.
Douchebag: Okay, I beat up those first graders and took their lunch money so that way I could afford enough money to buy an Xbox One and show off my wealth with it even though the PS4 runs more powerful at a lower price.

King Douchebag: Good, I now promote you to sir douchebag!
by Derp Man March 10, 2014
Guy 1: I'm going to buy the new robot powered by Google.

Guy 2: I have a slight feeling that Google is Skynet.

Guy 3: It is Skynet.

Guy 1: So.......should I buy it?

Guy 3: Hell no! Have you ever seen what happened in Terminator??!!
by Derp Man March 10, 2014