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Today it's called Microsoft.

The Terminator movies warned of the apocalyptic end of humanity if Skynet is not shut down permanently.
With the numerous security flaws in Microsoft's products, a hacker can easily create bugs which will guide Microsoft Windows into becoming a self-aware, Skynet-like system.
by John Connor August 5, 2003
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A term guys say in a sentence when they are insecure about themselves to insult another person.
Jimmy said someone had dk mode on. he must have a small penis or a hairy ass.
by John Connor June 19, 2003
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Let's go to the store and get some chop meat to make hambergers with.
by John Connor August 21, 2003
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one who achievs the great coolness of the awsome movie drumline.
something you could sayt o be drumline cool:
Nigga1:YO NIGGA!
Nigga2:WHO ME?
Nigga1: 1BAND
Nigga2: 1SOUND
by John Connor January 27, 2005
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The prototype for the Doomsday operating system called Microsoft Skynet(tm), which became self-aware six weeks after it was released.
The movie Terminator is just a warning to all those who use Windows as their operating system.
by John Connor August 17, 2003
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