A poor man starved from fame by those jerk offs Guy 1 and Guy 2
Guy 1: Yo man did you do destroy dick December last year?
Guy 2: Naw man, but you know I will this year.

Guy 3:
by Oofergang_God December 5, 2018
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this mans is soooo gorgelicious and bootylicious like yall could never but you totally could which is why you could never...usually has bad haircuts that look rly good. my mans. backoff. end of discussion. periodt. go away.now.bye.
guy 1:wheres guy 3?
guy 2:yahh i thinkin the same ting
guy 5:he does not refer to as guy 3 anymore
guy 34:duhhhh
guy 3722839:so not cool...
guy 264830584574328992: should be ashamed..
guy 5647382910647382937289473829:he refers to as guy 21

guy 78:duhhhhhhhhhhhh
guy 3 : heyyyyyyyyy
guy 99:did u for real change your name baba?
guy 3: kinda but only for queens of flowers <3
heyyyyyyy queen of flowers ik u filming me ><)
by Flower_Queen*(jj) June 26, 2023
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Before I get to the "definition", just hear this: never, ever, ever, EVER watch this video wherever you may find it because it leaves a troubling image burnt into your mind that depresses you whenever you think about it.


3 guys 1 hammer is a video that (unfortunately) is an actual video of 3 men in the Ukraine brutally murdering somebody with things like a hammer and a screwdriver. The group of 3 men in the video are called the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs. They mutilate a victim in the video named Sergei Yatzenko. I will not say what happened to him except that he was murdered by these violent and mentally disturbed men.

The 3 men are currently serving a life sentence in prison for their acts. Personally I think they should have done to them what they did to over 20 people in their montage of murder.

Again, please refrain from watching the video. Find info about it if you want, but please do not watch it.
Example Person 1: Dude, have you seen 3 guys 1 hammer?

Example Person 2: Sorta, I could barely get through 8 seconds of the damn thing. Never watchin' that shit EVER again...
by Suk Munky March 3, 2010
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3 Guys 1 Hammer is the actual horrific footage of the “Dnepropetrovsk maniacs” brutally murdering an innocent, defenceless man. The video was filmed by one of the 19 year olds on his mobile phone. It shows the 45 year old victim lying on his back in a wooded area suddenly being struck repeatedly in the face with a hammer held inside a plastic bag. The man’s face is completely bloodied and mashed beyond recognition however he continues to breathe and even raises his arms. One of the murderers then continually jabs the man in the stomach area and face with a screwdriver. The victim is then struck with the hammer again to ensure that he is dead. One of the murderers can also be seen smiling towards the camera in the video. The guys involved killed a total of 21 random, innocent people and are serving life in prison.
You can’t even describe how sick the guys from 3 Guys 1 Hammer are.
by Scarell May 25, 2010
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A viral video in which a man is killed with a hammer in yellow plastic bag , has his eyes poked out and stabbed repeatedly with a screwdriver.
Guy 1: Did you watch that 3 guys 1 hammer video?

Guy 2: ya man it was brutal.
by mrfleshwound August 3, 2009
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It is absolute proof that God doesn't exist. 3G1H is possibly THE sickest video on the internet. Stay the fuck away at all costs.
Example 1

Asshole: Yo check out this cool vid called 3 guys 1 hammer *sends link*

Person: I'll take a look

Asshole: lolololol

Person: HOLY SHIT!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!??!? *pokes eyes out, pours magma in eye sockets, and rinses them out with hydrochloric acid*
by adfdsafdsafsdafdssfad January 28, 2010
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Another disturbing video: three naked men each put the leg of a camera tripod down the jap's eye of their cocks for three-way masturbation. Unexpectedly, the legs on the tripod extend, causing their cocks to simultaneously also extent to over one meter in length each! The men frantically try and pull the tripod legs out of their now overstretched cocks with great difficulty. (nb: even though it's a tripod, it's called a cup due to notoriety of other videos called cup)
Person 1 "Hey, let me show you this video called 3 guys 1 cup"

Person 2 "Aahhh! Sick dude!"
by foxyscotch666 May 21, 2009
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