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1. (noun)

A hybrid of two relatively popular and now common genres of people; those who enjoy going around pulling innocents' trousers down and Rastafarian folk who love Bob Marley in a non-sexual way.

Skeggers, found very commonly in areas such as Niddrie or Inch, often pleasure little German rabbits with a smile. If feeling adventurous, maybe even a "Hello"

Reggae people stereotypically find happiness and relaxation to smoke weed. They usually come from the Caribbean and like Reggae music such as Big Joe or more punk-oriented band Bad Brains.

Skeggae culture isn't so large yet, but what's expected is, if grown to be largely popular, you will experience while walking down the road is most people listening on their iPods to skeggae groups singing to a reggae beat of the pleasures of skegging. The thrill increased further if the person happens to have the name Donald (Donald where's your troosers?). Of course at some point while chilling along down the road you would have a sudden urge to pull that old woman in front of you's skirt down.
A: Did you like (insert reggae band name here)'s new record?
B: Yeah... had a strange amount of songs based around skegging though didn't it?
A: Yeah well haven't you heard? (insert reggae band name here) have tooken a skeggae direction recently while in Niddrie with a few Cuban mates.
B: Oh right that explains it.
by Murray Loup May 02, 2007
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