jose- do you got the fin?

laura- whats a fin? i dont have a dolphin!

jose- hahahah hell nah, its means 5 dollars.
by reeeeeet August 14, 2008
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Abbreviation for the car InFINiti, used in the Hip-Hop world.
We slid up on em in dat fin fin
Ooo look at dat Fin
by andregothoes182 June 14, 2021
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Meaning on the 5. Chicago word for 5 is fin. Gang related yes, because all people nation are under the five point star so hence they say on the fin to let u kno what they said is some real shit.
Imma smack that fool, on the fin!
by p stone October 12, 2015
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1. Plans to do in the very near future (...or an excuse for procrastination)
2. About to start something
3. (To a lesser degree) To make preparations for something
4. In the case that it is an excuse, it's also cause for a good butt whoopin

See Finna
Mama: Boy did you clean that room yet?
Boy: I'm Fin' to!
Mama: What did you say!
Boy: I'm about to do it right now.
Mama: That's right. You better had!
by J Mack July 10, 2005
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word used when stoned (reefering to a person who isn't real)
Fin Fin you've been bad!
by east stoners March 11, 2003
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spanish for "the end" or conclusion of something.
El fin del programa de television
by roque November 28, 2003
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A 5$ bill, US or Canadian
I mowed the guy's lawn, and all he gave me was a fin.
by MilesBehind January 17, 2003
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