Disoriented is the American English version of it's more clunky sounding British English counterpart: disorientated. They both mean to be confused, lost, or to have lost ones bearings or sense of direction.
After being hit on the head, Thomas was disoriented for quite some time.
by Sumoboo January 18, 2015
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International art collective consisting of sexy fucking house music, bright and blingy blinky art, and massive air-filled sculptures. The prevailing style is ultra-heavy GlamTech deluxe.
I was at a disorient party last night and now my life will never be the same.
by dimitrid October 23, 2010
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At a loss of time. Usually happens when either dumb, drunk, high, well-sexed, post-comatose, or cerebrally traumatized. Usually leads to negative consequences...
I was boffing my secretary so hard that I became temporally disoriented and missed my 3 o'clock.

Me and Rob got spliffed and, in a classic example of temporal disorientation, forgot to meet up w/ my hook up for another bag.
by testicles...that is all March 11, 2010
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the short bus. bus used to transport mentally or physically disabled persons
i got almost got run over by the disorient express in front of the tard yard!
by valvespout August 4, 2005
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To have sex with a girl on the beach, and cum in her face aiming mostly for her eyes. You then throw some sand in her face and push her over. Leaving her "Lost and Disoriented"
by stuck-fly May 5, 2005
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