Verb. When you start to hate your uppermiddle class life.
joe: hey mike being uppermiddle class sucks.. I might becoming a simple plan

mike: yeah so does having nothing at all and living out in the street you assburger
by That other kid May 07, 2007
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Simple plan is a pop band that a lot of teenyboppers and preps consider to be punk. There's nothing wrong with being a pop band, just don't call yourself something you're not! Also, they're NOT like G.C or Sum 41. A bunch of "punks" talk about how much they hate S.P because it's pop. Wow, and I was under the impression punk was all about bein who you are...
SP fan: Dude I love Simple Plan!
by Dude I'm Auty March 19, 2005
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Another band in the army destined to destroy what we know as music.
by Delthryn February 25, 2005
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21st century pop band allegedly named punk by their enormous cult following. With their mediocre pop names and their cliche' song lyrics, they are 100% worshipped by their demographic, pre-teen and teenage preppy girls (and flamer guys.) This group of pop icons do nothing more than create crappy music (which is charged to audiences at well over $50 per ticket) and find themselves on television acting like jackasses every chance they aquire for the pleasure of their braindead viewers.
(See also: lame quotes)
by Omnicient April 12, 2005
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Quite possibly the worst thing ever.
"I heard you're doin okay, but I want you to now" that's what is sounds like since their voices are so friggin high.
All the damn sp fans say "shut up! if you hate them keep it to yourself!". Yeah, cuz deep down you know they suck major amounts of dick.
"My dad hates me, even though he gave me a new lexus and $200 for my birthday."
"Dude, I have to pay for my own car. That'll take years."
"Yeah, but your dad loves you!" (runs out crying with his hands in the air).
Simple plan simly sucks
by Adrian October 01, 2005
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A band that makes me ashamed to become Canadian. Their lead singer sounds like fucking Spongebob and the other band mates were probably taught how to play by Good Charlotte(gay fags). I would like to kick their balls if they had any.
Me: What are you doing after school?
Simple Plan fan: I'm going to a Simple Plan concert.
Me: Why are you wasting your life?
by JustinLL November 10, 2006
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A French Canadian band made up of 5 members - Pierre, David, Seb, Chuck and Jeff. Well known for there 'whiny' lyrics and haters.

Have a large following of teenage girls, mostly screaming for Pierre - lead singer and David - bassist.
1. Simple Plan suck so much. All they do is whinge about their parents and their life.

2. LyK OmGz I LuV You PieRrE HaVe My BabIesS YoUr SoOO HAWT!!
by Kim777 November 30, 2006
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