At least 90% of the definitions in UD.
Person: Mate, this definition is really unhelpful!
Other person: What do you expect from Urban Dictionary?
Person: ...I guess you're right.
Other person: Aren't I always?
Person: No, you're usually pretty stupid. You mook.
by Turn the Lights Off August 31, 2016
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to falsify or undo the state of being helped
I am unhelped. Or: "Unhelped, I continued to do more drugs, behave irresponsibly and additionally report all of it to 4chan. The whole ordeal left me in a state of unhelped. unhelp me help you.
by noopadele June 24, 2010
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"Unhelpful Yoda" This famous, funny, iconic quote is said by Clay Jensen from 13 reasons why.
Clay : Would you... you know, shut up, Tony? I get so sick of your little sayings, and things that you point out, acting all wise... You're like this-this unhelpful Yoda!

Tony : Is that a crack on my height?

Clay moans silently and puts on his headphones

Tony : Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a minute.

Clay : Why?

Tony : Headspace. Headspace.

Clay : Unhelpful Yoda. Unhelpful Yoda.
by Swaedz November 18, 2020
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When something is unhelpable, you just can't help doing it.
Man: Yo calm down, panic won't help.
Woman: Panic won't help, but panic is also unhelpable!
by J Yesus January 13, 2021
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