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When you tell someone you don't like something........ YOU LOVE IT!!!!!
I don't like pickles........ I LOVE THEM!
I don't like your shoes.... I LOVE THEM!
I don't like I LOVE IT!!!!
Hey Dave, I don't like your bushy overgrown eyebrows..... I LOVE THEM!!! they're so soft and fluffy!
I really don't like your TMNT outfit..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""$&^%$£"$£"!"!"!£

Basically this is known as "Simon Cowelling".
by Reubens-world August 08, 2013
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1. Giving everything a snarky and brutal thumbs down or hyper-generous thumbs up and presenting it as an expert opinion, while using an authoritative voice.

2. Progressive cultural and artistic ruin caused by the promotion of music that is sung in an artistically dead, soulless, and ambitious manner.
1. He was Simon Cowelling the movie, the restaurant's menu, and even the waitress when it was time to leave a tip. Then he Jeremy Clarksoned my car on the way home. Even his girlfriend was embarrassed.

2. Commercial radio has been Simon Cowelling us since the beginning.
by Ramblingvine July 22, 2009
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