Humanity's greatest legacy, and the most popular cartoon from 1987 to around 1994, which was the time the Power Rangers came into existence and, apparently, pwned TMNT. TMNT then concluded its cartoon series in 1996 with the final episode "Divide and Conquer". Then, in 1997, Bandai purchased some of the rights to the TMNT series, and merged it with its Power Rangers series in terms of using the Turtles in live-action episodes, 26 in this series. There was even an episode where they were working with the Power Rangers.
Now, as of February 8, 2003, there is a new TMNT series.

TMNT is actually based on a comic series developed by Mirage Studios, but TMNT is greatly known for the cartoon developed by Murakami Wolf. The cartoon eventually became a mighty franchise that sold products of countless kinds, espcially action-figures. There were even three movies made in the early 90's by New Line Cinema (fourth one planned but eventually terminated.....but now pending, and planned to be CG). Videogames were not excluded; Konami developed them for the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis, and most especially the arcades. Konami has the rights to the current series as well.

Overall, people my age recall this glorious series in their own opinions. My opinion? Well, I think this is the most bad-ass series ever created. The new series is alright, but the old series will always be the best. The old series was loved by ALL, and will always be.

TMNT should be a reminder to people my age : "Don't forget your roots!"
"I didn't know TMNT and Power Rangers were competing with one-another. I didn't look into such when I was around 9 to 11...well, now that I do, it's quite upsetting."
by Dave January 11, 2005
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The best story ever: four mutant turtles raised for 10+ years by a mutant rat who apparently knows ninjutsu. ME LUV THIS <3 over 27 years old....
Guy 1: Hey have u seen the new Michael Bay movie?

Guy 2: No, what's it called?

Guy 1: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Guy 2: What's that

Guy 1: TMNT is the most badass thing ever
by TMNTFairyTail February 22, 2015
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Leonardo Leads
Donatello does machines
Raphael is cool, but rude
Michelangelo is a party dude!

They're the world's most fearsome fighting team!

Lame PowerRangers Kid: "TMNT sux"
Casey Jones: "shut up, do you want a fist in the mouth?"
by Matzor December 12, 2006
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teenage mutant ninja turtles
Donatello-Purple-Bo Staff
TMNT is the ultimate show with crime fighting turtles!
by giant potato shooting fish March 10, 2007
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They are four little green turtles. Their names are Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello. They became mutants from a radioactive canister that fell in the gutter. They live in a sewer; their boss is a rat (the real kind, not your normal, everyday rat of a boss) and they eat nothing but pizza. Sounds like it is the dumbest idea of the world!

But they started out as a black-and-white comic book in 1984; in 1987 they hit television in an animated cartoon show that lasted for a decade and was then revived in 2003, in 1990 the Turtles starred in a live action movie. Their merchandise sales have included toys, books, games, clothing, underwear, towels, video games, and on and on and on. It became the longest running fad in American history and they made billions – and it is the dumbest idea in the world!

If someone would have approached you sometime back in the mid to last 1980s and said, “I got the greatest idea in the world! This is so great, you’re not gonna believe it. We’re gonna make millions! All you gotta do is put in ten thousand dollars and we’re rolling. This is so great! Let me tell what it is. Let me tell you what it is!

“Teenage, mutant, ninja turtles! Huh, huh, is that great? I know, I know what you’re thinking, but let me tell you what they are. Let me tell you what they are! These are little green turtles that live in a sewer. Their boss is a rat and they eat nothing but pizza. Are you in?”

What would you have said? Probably “Are you dumb/crazy/out of your mind?”

But eventually it turns out to be a billion franchises!
by lhuihong January 31, 2008
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Acronym. Too Much Naked Time. When people in the locker room at the gym, for example, insist on spending a long period of time in the nude while changing.
I witnessed TMNT in the gym; the dude walked to the water fountain naked and then shaved naked.
by grecoalphabetic July 10, 2011
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