A more internally-focused sibling to the alpha male. While the alpha male quantifies himself on his high position in the social hierarchy, a sigma male prefers to forego the social hierarchy and need for external validation altogether and pursue internal strength instead. Essentially a "loner" or a stray man, although sigma males may have a close circle of friends and loved ones with whom they share a deep connection. The sigma male is not socially inept but simply socially disinterested. Prefers solitary activities where he doesn't have to play social politics and can simply focus on himself. The sigma male accepts that he does not need power over others as the alpha male desires, but rather needs only power to control himself and preserve his own autonomy from others. Sigma males are often pragmatic but may be seen by others as aloof, paranoid, secretive or selfish.

Not to be confused with simply being an unlikeable asshole, edgelord, or misfit.
John: Hey, who's that over there on a table by himself?
Mary: Oh, that's Patrick. He's a bit of a sigma male.
by UDUser4820 January 11, 2022
sigma males play by their own rules. no one elses. not even their own
sigma male: playing by own rules hey
by bartonspacklecrisp July 6, 2021
The introverted alpha male. They do not conform to society standards and rather think for themselves. Sigmas have many traits often correlated with an alpha male. Although they can appear quiet to those who do not know them, they are actually outgoing once you speak to them. These people are on a similar hierarchy to an alpha male, although they are simply less extroverted and are more in tune with themselves.
Person 1: He’s quiet for an alpha male

Person 2: I think a sigma male is a better term
by LowkeyAlpha November 10, 2018
a strategy typically used by introverted males. sigma male traits include focusing on mastery, strength, world class social skills, ability to be alone, hang in smaller circles, silence and the ability to declare war within on any addiction that is taking away their power.
See that guy? He's such a sigma male, all by himself yet everyone is paying attention to him.
by TheGorillaKing October 9, 2019
Sigma males are dreamy, sexy, mysterious and their ‘don’t give a shit about what others think of them’ attitude just drives women crazy! He’s full of confidence and sure of himself. The guy I date is a sigma...he’s rebellious, rides a Harley, and other guys seem to feel uncomfortable and intimidated by him, (as seen by some of the other posts on here). Whenever we go out, the others girls can’t stop staring at him because they too know how sexy a sigma male is. The thing I like most about him is he doesn’t need a group of guys around him to validate himself like ‘alphas’ do...and everyone else in the hierarchy, well us girls don’t really pay attention to them anyway LOL. I love my bad boy Sigma!
Who’s that mysterious, sexy guy over there by himself That all the women are drooling over? He must be a sigma male!
by Christine6555 February 26, 2021
A Sigma Male is somebody who doesn't give a shit about opinions
by MemerzRUs January 26, 2023