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The introverted alpha male. They do not conform to society standards and rather think for themselves. Sigmas have many traits often correlated with an alpha male. Although they can appear quiet to those who do not know them, they are actually outgoing once you speak to them. These people are on a similar hierarchy to an alpha male, although they are simply less extroverted and are more in tune with themselves.
Person 1: He’s quiet for an alpha male

Person 2: I think a sigma male is a better term
by LowkeyAlpha November 10, 2018
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The outsider who doesn’t play the social game and manage to win at it anyhow. I’ve found that sigmas and Alphas usually work out to be excellent friends because the Alpha never feels that his social dominance is threatened by the sigma. The Sigma is an alpha-like character that the Alpha can connect with, but never fear his own status being undone. Everyone else is vaguely confused by them. In a social situation, the sigma is the man who stops in briefly to say hello to a few friends accompanied by a Tier 1 girl that no one has ever seen before. Sigmas like women, but tend to be contemptuous of them. They are usually considered to be strange. Gammas often like to think they are sigmas, failing to understand that sigmas are not social rejects, they are at the top of the social hierarchy despite their refusal to play by its rules.
What you describe in alot of ways in my opinion is the sigma male
by Lexpit May 22, 2014
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a strategy typically used by introverted males. sigma male traits include focusing on mastery, strength, world class social skills, ability to be alone, hang in smaller circles, silence and the ability to declare war within on any addiction that is taking away their power.
See that guy? He's such a sigma male, all by himself yet everyone is paying attention to him.
by TheGorillaKing October 08, 2019
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