1. What someone says to express their homosexuality.
2. That's what she said when she saw your face.
I'm gay... Why need an example for this?
by JamesxD March 21, 2009
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Thank you for you're" I'm gay" time.
by FuckDaBish April 24, 2021
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Well congrats! U probably knew what this meant but wanted to see if anyone was saying anything positive,, so I'm here!!! And ye,, I'm LGBTQ+, not some random straight person tryin to fit in lol
Person A: hey,, I'm gay
Person B: cool.

((No joke this happened to me))
by I'm bi and ready to cry November 9, 2019
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Term used when one is homosexual and likes the same gender but don't assume their gender cause its 2016 come on...
When the term is used it means that they are gay and don't want you
She said "I'm gay" after the guy asked her out after figuring out she doesn't like guys
by Jeff The Queen December 18, 2016
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what it sounds like when people yell "i'm game" across a river.
by Do.g May 8, 2004
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what a guy usually says when he doesn't want to take the relationship any further and/or starts to panic
here's an example:
girl: (gets closer to the guy) Hey Babee...
guy: Yeaa..? (looks worried)
girl: I was thinking we should get ma-
guy: - I'm sorry I'm GAY! we can't get married!
girl: WHAT!!! I was going to say get matching shirts for the game!
guy: -____-
by VICKYflysHIGH February 16, 2009
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-say summ gay shet
(jumps down)
i'm gay
by davidvi January 15, 2017
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