To cupcake or spend valuable time flirting/charming/fucking/etc with another person. Sifters ignore everything else in the world including family, friends, money, fun, other partners, and in serious cases work. Sifting is a serious condition that should not be taken lightly and should be addressed immediately upon diagnosis.
Berby likes to sift all day and all night, drinking wine with his love.

I tried to get him to go to the city but he said he would be too busy sifting in his bedroom.
by Meestah WonTon October 25, 2014
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To put flour through a sieve in order to separate the fine from the coarse particles.
Now we sift the flour,and mix it with the warm water,mixed with salt,sugar,olive oil, and knead it until it becomes a dough.
by BlackPohatu October 23, 2016
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Acronym- Shit I'd Fuck That
Used to describe a hot person of opposite sex walking by
Bob: Dude, Joe look at that fine piece of ass eying you on the other side of the bar

Joe: Sift...sift all night long

Bob: haha hellz yeah
by siftfarmer November 10, 2009
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1 The bottom of you bag of weed. contains flakes and weed dust that often times is impotent. Sometimes used to add a little weight to the bag depeding on the douchitude of the dealer. or

2 If your getting ripped off the contents of your entire bag of weed

see shake
1 Weed conissuer 1: I just bought some of that bomb shit man.

Weed conissuer 2: Lets just through that little bit of Sift at the bottom and add it to the blunt to fatten it up a bit.

2 Newbe smoker 1: I paid 40 dollars for this. It looked like a bud because of how compressed it was.

Newbe smoker 2: thats definately 3 grams of sift dude... and it smells like middies

Weed conissuer 1: You bitches got owned. Smoke some of this Blueberry haze with us.
by Refeerus Majoris January 28, 2009
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Canadian slang:

To move from one place to another.
"This place is boring, eh. Let's sift out of here"
"I'm just gonna sift to my room real quick"
by beanercamina September 3, 2015
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Dude, I heard you hooked up with Sophie last night!" "Omg, I was so sifted-i dont remember anything!
by troatking February 13, 2011
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The act of being a 'social butterfly' at a party. Only you float from Girl to Girl, hitting on all of them.
Look at Jim, Sifting about... What a Pillock.
by DJBenj August 5, 2010
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