Canadian slang:

To move from one place to another.
"This place is boring, eh. Let's sift out of here"
"I'm just gonna sift to my room real quick"
by beanercamina September 03, 2015
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When someone is passing gas and you don't hear any loud fart vibrations, but clearly hear the gas excrete.

The fart sounds like: ffffft

"You guys be quiet, listen to this sift"

"You better not eat more than 5 White Castle burgers tonight because they next day you'll be sifting all day"
by Tone Da Bizzy December 03, 2007
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to sort through bodily secretions to find something that was lost in the body ie swallowed
i had to sift three loads before finding my keys
by Persephone May 06, 2005
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To ejaculate into a type of strainer, or "sifter", and then proceed to spread your man butter across someone's face.
Being the lonely teenager he was, Andrew frequently sifted on his own face at night.
by Wave of Sift February 15, 2007
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Sister I'd *have sex with* Too

Derivation of MILF
Peter: Dude, did you see Chad at parents' night? He's got such a MILF!
Joe: You should see his SIFT!
by RobertOldhead December 07, 2008
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during sex, proceed to pull out a type of strainer, or sifter. then, put the sifter over your partner's face and ejaculate into it. the cum will "dribble" onto your partner's face.

* for a SuperSift, you need to people. do the above, but rather than using a sifter, use a screen door.
The cum driped onto her face from that wonderful sift!
by Yonish Spifondovich February 19, 2007
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