Sick as is a phrase to express enthusiasm
These pills are sick as

Her cans are sick as

This club is sick as

Sick as is sick as

by Philbeauto October 27, 2008
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To be sick from non-abuse related situations. Abuse could be drugs or physical.
Hey Zan, are you sick from drinking too much booze or are you sick sick ?
by Kbud August 12, 2007
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Something that is exceptionally cool.
Yo, you seen their website that's sick

Thats a sick album by Tyler.
by grvahluwalia November 07, 2013
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When something is really good, cool or very impressive.
Morgan: That's like my dream job!
Lane: Y'KNOW? I'm gonna make sick money at that place!
by Babydoll75 May 15, 2019
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used by 'chavs' to state that somethings is good
Chav: Ooooo- dat new tune from Timbaland is sick man innit- brrrap!
Law-abiding citizen: Errr, yes.
by Alex_UK December 21, 2007
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