something so disgustingly sick it makes you dizzy.
Man, did you see the show last night?
It made me nauseous (it was nauseating)
by Hunter G. May 20, 2006
A word used to describe an awesome or totally narly or epic situation.
OMG dude, that was totally nauseous!
by nauseously yours. December 22, 2009
Something so amazing, it needed to be more extreme than sick.
"That concert was so sick, it was nauseous!"
by abbddejt August 23, 2009
Cool, fly, sick and any other word to describe something being awesome

used as a adjective.
Dude that shirt is so Nauseous

That Girl's car looked Nauseous.
by The Pimp Hand April 6, 2010
Having nausea. Nausea - A feeling of sickness in your stomach that usually signals you are going to throw up.
by t.hotdestroyer November 20, 2017
The ultimate form of something so cool it's beyond "sick" it's Nauseous.
"Dude, the way you rode that wave is totally nauseous"
by Nuttler September 1, 2015
Feeling disgusted with a person or thing enough for you to vomit or at least want to vomit in your mouth and then swallow it.
You just made me Emotionally Nauseous.
by TankLaB September 22, 2007