Samoan word for Brother or Sister. Only used by same gender. A female can call another female Uso or a male can call another male Uso. A female cannot call a male uso and vice versa.
That's my uso.
by lizzayeboo January 2, 2013
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Samoan word for brother. A greeting used amongst Samoans.
A.k.a.: (Us) pronounced:oose

Cutty you know those usos from Uptown?
by Punk Rock Beezy June 19, 2006
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A Japanese conventional term which means 'to tell a lie or cheat'.
That's not an uso right?
The only thing I want you to know is that those days were not usos.
Usojanaiyo my friend, what I had ever said were all the truth.
by donspaces January 14, 2019
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The Uso's a WWE Samoan Tag Team and former tag champions. Descendants of Rikishi. Former Tag Champs and future Hall of Famers. Members: Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso.

Formerly Managed by: The Rock, Rikishi, and Tamina.
The Uso's are flying!

The Uso's land them with a superkick!
by WarWrestlingDefinitions April 12, 2016
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The United Service Organizations Inc. (USO) is a nonprofit organization that provides live entertainment, such as comedians and musicians, and other programs to members of the United States Armed Forces and their families.
"You think my lips're pretty?" Bucky batted his eyelashes and pitched his best USO dancer voice, which got him an exasperated sound from Steve as he rolled his eyes up to the ceiling again.
by fangirl021 July 31, 2018
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unidentified submerged object
The people sighted a USO while fishing late last night.
by unown June 6, 2006
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- "Hey, are the lectures mandatory?"
- "They are optional USO."
- "So I don't have to go there?"
- "No, this one is mandatory."
by Bertik23 June 13, 2022
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