adj. An overused slang term for sexually inappropriate or perverted or for attempting to derive sexual gratification through dishonorable means. Unfortunately, the word has become an abused favorite of melodramatic people who try hard to use the word wherever possible, to the point of rendering the word almost meaningless.
I hate that really creepy guy who keeps trying to dance with me.
by anon4005 August 19, 2006
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Creepy is usually just a female euphemism for ugly. Good looking guys are rarely called creepy. They could literally steal underwear, expose himself to children, have a huge collection of inflatable sex dolls, watch girls undressing through binoculars while hiding in a tree outside their room and society would find ways to justify it. If you're an ugly man, everything you say and do will be described as creepy. Good looking guy goes about asking people questions relating to sex for his YouTube channel - that's a bit of light hearted fun. Ugly guy tries the same - eww, get away you fucking creep!

If a girl says something like: "Eww, some creepy guy just asked me out!" You can be almost certain he was ugly. Yes, there are actual creepy behaviors. But more often than not she mainly just meant that he was ugly.
"Eww, some creepy (ugly) guy just asked me out!"
by unlockturtle May 29, 2018
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Shaving someones hair and framing it in a wall
Skeppy: Is that creepy?

BadBoyHalo: OFCOURSE IT IS! IS LIKE shaving someeones hair and framing it in a wall!!!
by PerfectVolt August 1, 2020
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Last night Vic was acting creepy, constantly checking his watch and muttering something about solar energy.
by Diggity Monkeez February 26, 2005
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A slang term to describe a person who displays actions to that of a rapist, serial killer, or pedophile. By far the most overused term for women to describe men that they dont like. granted there are a lot of creepy people in society but is highly overused by younger high school or college women.
18 year old girl: OMG that guy just asked me out to a dinner. HOW CREEPY!!!

34 year old girl: not really maby he just wnted to get to know you. thats not very creepy
by JustinDavis96 June 17, 2013
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Rather than Person A accepting she (usually) has unreasonable insecurities with regards to Person B, she labels person B as "creepy" without acknowledging the fact that she is the actual one with the problem (, not Person B).
by Samantha7 July 12, 2008
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A word girls use to describe usually well intentioned guys who haven't the slightest clue about how to interact with females without scaring the fuck out of them.
Guy: "So I wrote you this poem about how much I love you."
Girl: "Who the hell are you, anyway?"
Guy: "Oh, right. I'm Craig. I've been watching you with binoculars from the bushes for the last 2 months now"
Girl: "Whoah, that's kinda creepy. Get the fuck away from me."
Guy: "But I love you! Why can't you see that?!"
by zer0t November 13, 2011
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