A word used to describe something that could happen but likely will never due to a standard lack of caring, ethics, or general sense.
Person 1: "William should unplug that garbage disposal before he sticks his hand in there".

Person 2: "20 bucks says he wont".
by kingatomsk December 20, 2016
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Wrong writing and saying of 'should have'
Many people mishear 'should've' and hear 'should of' instead. Same procedure with 'must've' and 'could've'
I should of learnt some better English.
by satrox October 17, 2012
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A stupid way of saying "should have".
Person: I totally should of bought the bike, duuuuude.
by Blizzleair September 22, 2003
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What idiots say instead of should have. It makes most people want to stab the offender to death.
"I should have not said "should of", becuase after I did I got a screwdriver to the face."
by Uller June 23, 2005
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Ignorant way of saying, texting, or posting on facebook the contraction of should have (should've). Especially pathetic when supposedly educated people use the phrase.
I should of paid attention in high school English class so my participles wouldn't be dangling.
by dookeyboy November 21, 2010
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Misspelling of should've (should have)
He should of gotten a Dreamcast
by Darxide August 18, 2003
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When you say someone has the ability to do something, and it would be advantageous to do so; they should.

However, it usually means "you better fucking ... bitch!" just in kid-friendly tone.
Jane: You should stop drinking.
Bob: You better fucking make my dinner bitch!
by Jimbho February 14, 2008
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