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Misspelling of should've (should have)
He should of gotten a Dreamcast
by Darxide August 18, 2003

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Used as an original way to end a declaration, specially good for criticizing, ruling, etc. Taken from Zero Wing (see All your base are belong to us).
Copyright (C) Myself 2003.
For great justice.
by Darxide May 12, 2003

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To alter a picture with PhotoSHOP or Paint SHOP Pro, normally in a ridiculous way and adding Internet characters and a catchy line.
Hey, take this pic and shop it into cockmongler.

This picture has been clearly shopped.
by Darxide February 22, 2005

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Muslim, especially arabic
by Darxide May 12, 2003

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Nullsoft (makers of Winamp) mascot, a real llama (not a llama).
“Winamp... It really whips the llama's ass!” (Winamp's motto)
by Darxide December 30, 2004

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Some moronic way to say "awesome" and "cool" while kicking the English dictionary once again.

Typical user is an overexcited 12 year old AOLer.
by Darxide November 23, 2004

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