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Short for anime music video. Created by splicing together a song and clips from an anime series together to create a video. Identifiable by their big file size.
If you watch too many AMVs, you are stupid. But a few is ok. Like me. ^_^
by Blizzleair September 22, 2003
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AOL (short for Anonymous Online Losers) is an internet service providor (ISP) for people who can't handle the real internet and want everything easy and served to them on a friggin platter. Morons.
Chat Room Scenario
Person 1: I have AOL and omfg it's the best!!!1
Person 2: Go to hell, n00b.
Person 3: *dies of laughing at the AOL shithead*
by Blizzleair July 15, 2003
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A flat, circular object with a hole in the middle that is sent out by the billions by AOL about every six seconds in an attempt to convert everyone to the same shitty ISP. Do not despair, however. Said items make fantastic coasters, not to mention suncatchers.
Don't believe the new pro-AOL disc commercial featuring Jerry Lewis and Snoop Dogg. The discs are still full of shit, as always.
by Blizzleair December 23, 2003
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An extremely preppy store for young girls in which they can purchase grossly overpriced cloth garments equal to in quality the same cloth garments avalible for purchase in their local Mall-Wart.
"OMG, let's go 2 Limited too!!!!!!1 I need some new stuffs 4 mah peepz!?!?!!!1"
by Blizzleair November 10, 2003
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The first lover of Inuyasha who was killed by Naraku in his search for the Shikon no Tama. She was later reincarnated as Kagome and then brought back to life as a bitch. (Alternate spelling: Kikyou)
Kikyo is a weirdo. And she's dead. O__0
by Blizzleair September 18, 2003
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1. An outcry of randomness.
2. An exclamation used in place of another word.
3. One who says or understands Nar.
1. NAR!
2. I'll nar you to nar!
3. I am a nar type person.
by Blizzleair July 15, 2003
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