A joking/sarcastic way to say yes or sure. This response is commonly used to sound foolish when responding to something.
Mike: Want to go do something stupid?!?!
Greg: Shore!!!!
by shores February 25, 2013
Slang for "sure." Commonly used in the Pacific Northwest, especially Seattle, Washington, and the surrounding suburbs. Has recently taken on a flirty connotation to the extent that it is received in a similar way to a wink or a wolf whistle.
Guy: "Hey, can you show me where the sticky notes are?"
Girl: "Shore"
Bystanders: "Damn, she really must want the D."
by cyan hammer March 30, 2013
What people in New Jersey call the beach.
Gary: Hey where are you going for the Memorial Day weekend?
Steve: Asbury Park, I've got a house down the shore.
by goldglover375 November 18, 2011
One word for sarcasm like saying sure but meaning the opposite.
Guy 1#: I'm awesome.
Guy 2#: Shore.
by shittinbricks August 22, 2010
-so basically someone who's a slutty whore.
-an ultimate whore.
-someone who has no self respect.
Ew. she's such a shore!
that shore stole my bf!
by xaaaax May 21, 2012
Often known as sure. This word was created by an unknown loser who prefers to be called R-izzle
R*man: shore!
Me: suft loser
by Snat April 7, 2005
Someone who easily gets stressed out by a change in plans. Also people who wear extremely gay glasses and a lack of responsibility with money and debts.
"Where did you buy those glasses, you look like a SHORE"

"Dude, give me back my money, its already been 3 months.... you are such a SHORE"
by English Gangsta February 9, 2008