Actually, contrary to the dirty minded people, a 'shmuck' is the collective noun for jellyfish...or so my English teacher told me.
"LOOK! It's a shmuck of jellyfish! Look at them bob."
by Shpig April 21, 2006
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another way of saying a male's genitilia i.e. a dick
paul is such a shmuck!
by abraham solomon January 15, 2004
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as told to me by a 90 year old jew: DIRTY PENIS
Girl I wouldn't touch his dick with a ten foot pole and dishwashin gloves-thats one skanky shmuck.
by Leah February 21, 2003
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In the language of totally random people, shmuck is a happy term for an uber happy psychotic cool person and is not related AT ALL to any part of the penis in this random language. =
Often used with their nationality as an adjective
Person1: Hey my Dutch shmuck
Person2: Hello my little Irish shmuck!!
by Squiggles =] November 11, 2007
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