1.) Totally awesome language that is a combination of german and hebrew. Has contributed words such as: "bagel," "nudnik," "mishmash" "schmuck" to our everyday vocabulary.
2) the perfect language to insult people, paticuarly goyem.
"Oy Vey (woe is me) my boychick (darling son)is all ferblungit (mixed up) he acts like such a nebbish (loser)and shlemiel (weakling) he lost all his money to that gonif (theif) of a stockbroker. Oh woe is me!
by Lydia July 4, 2003
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A Jewishlanguage based on German once spoken throughout Central and Eastern Europeby AshkenazicJews. The name comes from a combination of the German words, "Jud" (Jew) and "Deutsch" (German). Sometimes referred to as a dialect of German, and sometimes denigrated as the "Ebonics of the Austro-Hungarian Empire", Yiddish does have its own unique qualities which differentiate it from standard German. Unfortunately, most Yiddish speakers were killed in the Holocaust, and emigration of the Jews of Central Europe and Eastern Europe resulted in the near-disappearance of the language. Today it can only be heard in isolated pockets in certain big cities worldwide. It is probably the most endangered European language right now. However, Yiddish words have heavily influenced American English,especially that of New York, and to a lesser extent have made it into Cockney. The use of Yiddish words like schmuck, putz, shyster, etc. by comedians, in particular, has spread Yiddishisms throughout the Anglosphere. Even though the Yiddish language is in a severe and probably irreversible state of decline, certain Yiddish words will always be with us, kein ahora.
Oy vey, nobody speaks Yiddish anymore. Nu?
by Rattus cattus October 26, 2006
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A Germanic language invented by Jews in Germany. After being blamed for the black death, the Jews were forced out of Germany, spreading through Eastern Europe and taking their middle-high period German language with them and mixing in a few Hebrew words, such as:
Ganif (thief) from Hebrew (Ganav)
Shikker (drunk) from Hebrew (Shikur)
Mishpoyche (family) from Hebrew (Mishpacha)
The language is written, curiously enough, using the Hebrew alphabet. As it once almost completely resembled German, the language evolved in Germany while the Jews were somewhere else, and therefore the language is still basically middle-high German.
Yiddish was the mother tongue of millions people before the Holocaust
Yiddish: "Kaynen di forshtaysen Yiddish?"

English: "can you understand Yiddish?"

German: "Koennen Sie Deutsche Sprechen?"
by Yaakov October 17, 2005
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ok some people are a little confused, so im gunna try to set the record as strait as i can.

one, the word is goy, goyem is plural, and it does not mean gentile it means non-jew. Also Uncle is wrong, the laungeg was not invented by the khazars (present day khazakstan) it is though a mixture of Middle German and Hebrew. It is also not used by any broad group of people but some people sill do speak it. It is also quite fun for insalting people. Also it is not common with the torah at all! infact it never shows up in the torah seeing as there were no jews in germany yet so how could the laungegs be commbied? yeah so if im wrong o well but i am allmost positive this is all true info.

please excuse my spelling
im no goy, and yiddish is fun to swear at people in, partly because they will just be damn connfused and it sounds cool
by noah ben yitsahk August 27, 2005
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bastard language of Hebrew and German, used because until recently the Hebrew language was not conducive to conversation. every word is filled with untranslatable connotations, which makes it an excellent swearing language. also holds the most potent insult in the world: paskudnyak

spoken often in New York without actual knowledge of meanings. Almost always heard in combination with English.
Classic yiddish words: shlep, schmuck, klutz, mensch, bagel, and the wonderful -nik nouns (beatnik, nogoodnik...)
by Shwaggy September 6, 2004
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Yiddish is a mixed language derived from German and Hebrew. "Nosh" "Bubula" "Keppela" "Tatula" are only a few of the words that are used. The amazing genetic mix of modern Jewry has some people who think the whole world is a part of "New Deutchland" or "New Jihadland" are wondering why Jews are more successful, better looking than them, and have more personality in their pinkies than most of these people do in their whole nation. I'll explain: Modern Jewry is a mixed of Jewish people from Israel back before Jesus (he was jewish though), Jews from the Rhineland, Russia, Poland, Hungary, and yes the Ruling class of the Khazaria Kingdom did convert to Judaism and yes we are guessing that part of the population converted too. With that in mind, we also had intelligent Russians, Poles, Hungarians, Americans, and other nations marrying into the Jewish Populations and were eventually absorbed into the Jewish Population as well. Zionists are people who thought that Jewish people should have their own land again and due to actual Jewish Genetics, the land of Eretz Yisrael was recreated.
Let's go to a Delicatessen to "Nosh" on a Bagel with Lox and Cream Cheese and while we are eating let's say a few other Yiddish words.
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A kick ass language that is can make coversation so much more interesting. Mostly spoken by Jews, but I know a lot of yiddish, and I'm a goyem (gentile)
So in short, spoken by Jews, some gentiles, and the entire town of Great Neck.
Oy vey, everyone knows yiddish!
by Liz January 23, 2004
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