Person 1: Dude this person in the group chat is being so extra and annoying.
Person 2: Let's just vay her.
Person 1: Sounds good.
by Sanedrac January 7, 2018
someone really sexy such as Andrei
example-Andrei is soooo vay
by Panshanger October 28, 2020
A behavior, a lifestyle. Synonym for "awesome".
Something or someone can be qualified as vai when it reaches a peak of motivation and total fun.
The vai is a movement to get rid of the social mass often boring and restricted by the mores.
The more someone adds "i" to the word "vai" the more he is vai.
-Josh: "What are we doing tonight?"
-Suny: "We're having a party at home, it's going to be vai"
-Logan: "Vaiiiiiiiii"
by _dr_tsiappou December 14, 2018
Used to express extreme astonishment, surprise, shock or incredulousness. Has it's orgins in the Persian community of Great Neck, New York. Although it is not recognized as an offical Persian expression, it is used mostly by first & second generation Persian-Americans who combined English expressions with Persian enunciations; a "Spanglish" for Farsi speakers if you will.

See also Voy
Benny: "Hey Zadeh, did you see the ass on that Chic"?
Zadeh: "Vai! I'll catch up with you guys later"

Zadeh: "Yo Benny, I banged that chic last night, what do you think of her"?
Benny: "You mean the one with the pancake ass, flapjack titties, and five o'clock shadow? VAI!
by Benny Beez November 20, 2006
A word used by people residing in "Ghats" of India who are also known as "Ghatis". It means Yes.
"Hey brother, do you have some smokes?"
"Vai, Vai"
by AzureRa December 5, 2021
A morning erection that is naturally caused as the brains enters the REM-deep sleep phase. At this stage, the body's skeletal muscle structure relaxes and causes hypervasodilation in the capillaries of the body, resulting in solid erection.
After sleeping so soundly and having a great night's rest, it is no surprise to wake up with a vai.
by Dr. DJ December 7, 2011