A term used to describe a person's state after drinking to excess. This state is commonly associated with memory black out and a severe hangover the following day.
How was the bar yesterday?
I was absolutely shitstained last night.
by Jagsh February 17, 2009
An utterly objectionable, despised individual, especially one whose personality is compounded by subnormal intelligence.
Lyle Wright is a shitstain on the ass of the human race. That sawed-off cum-sucking fuckhead would make a good cop.
by fingerman December 29, 2005
A person with an unusually large buttocks and/or rectum that continually leaves fecal stains on the toilet seat after evacuating their bowels.
Don't go in there after Brian ... he's a fucking Shitstainer
by pcicc December 26, 2016
the stain that looks like shit on the mustache of a smoker.
quit smoking, it's bad for you and that shitstain looks like shit.
by chuckybubbles August 26, 2011
A stain on a persons underwear from shit. This normally happens to a heavyset person.

This usually happens by:

1.) Farting too hard
2.) Not wiping after a soupy shit

This can be embarrassing.
Guy 1: LOL did you see that guys shitstain when he was changing!?
Guy 2: Yeah!! It was disgusting! He must have been farting too much.
by MarkMan641 November 27, 2011
A shitstain is a person who is so useless that they are less valuable than the stain left in your underwear when you fail to wipe well after taking a shit.
Codi is nothing more than a shitstain on society's boxers.
by ambador2 November 19, 2016
One resembling skidmarks upon the undershorts of life.
Osama, you are such a shitstain.
by Bob the Dog March 11, 2006