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A Lyle has an explosive personality, very funny, a great smile, and is very hot. If you find yourself liking them, you'll learn to love them forever. They'll constantly make you laugh because that is their main goal. They always want to help and make you feel better. Will stick up for you. Is a very loyal friend, and doesn't mind being in the friend-zone, because he'll either find a way out or want to stay. Is a very fiercely loyal boyfriend and will change for you if he has to.
Lauren: Aw I love Lyle so much
Jane: Yeah. Everyone loves Lyle, your so lucky to have him.
by Lyle's Girl May 13, 2012
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Highely reguarded person, very cool and well hung and is good with the ladies
Lyle always gets the good lookers at the clubs and stuff because hes so cool and hung
by i dont have a name October 11, 2006
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Extremely gorgeous, thoughtful, kind, loving, hilarious, fun, understanding and extremely attractive.
Lyles tend to have incredible eyes and radiate sex appeal.

It is impossible not to love a Lyle.
My Lyle is the best example of this I can give.
by rose8 February 04, 2010
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A name held in high regard in South America
Used in small communities of South America as a title reward given after completing the rigorous ritual to adulthood
Wow, after completing that ritual, he became a Lyle.
by TheAbby August 20, 2006
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Very well hung Indian man. Typically he gets all the ladies and is an all around bad ass.
We never score any girls at the club, because of those lyle's. If I start pumping weights and grow a massive ****, then I could be a Lyle.
by wordmaster April 22, 2004
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Vulgar slang for a butch gay male. From the Lowland Scots, "Lyl" meaning delightful.
The bouncer, who, on the extrerior looked brawn, but actually was a Lyle.
by Marc Leathem April 19, 2004
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