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A disability uncommonly referred to as a "baby dick" . Men with this condition usually crave women with gigantic asses. Asses so large they prevent his tiny penis from penetrating any part of a puss or ass.
Woman: screw me baby... F my brains out!!
Man: I want to but I have Wright. My cock is fucking tiny.
by Fortworthtx August 25, 2016
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Something that's right, but in the same time terribly wrong.
There is a muffin which is extremely good-tasting, but it will give you diabetes, and make you fat. Fatter than fat. It will make you enormous, but totally worth it, because it's truly delicious. This muffin is therefor wright.
by Iamprettyawesome January 27, 2015
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A light brown-haired French Canadian art student moosey boy who has super cool accent but looks like a fuckboy jock from high school that bullies kids for their lunch money. uses condoms instead of balloons because outa here normies. Sounds definitely gay,,, nvm IS definitely gay,,, NVM is only def gay for Solid. Oh yeah and is angr smol child but is too tall to pick up. :(
Solid: Wright is gay

Haven: Wright is gay

Wright: Yeah.
by yes i'm a rjeindeer fjucker January 20, 2018
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