A very caring person. Better than others and awesome. They make everyone feel better and give helping hands.
Wright helped Lebron James up from the ground
by mans mans mans December 14, 2018
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That's Mr. Wright over there, and that's all mine so back off!
by ?aaron spelling? February 13, 2009
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One many describe as bad ass, fun loving and mighty fine.
-- damn, you're so wright.
by LilCisdabombduh April 20, 2011
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A light brown-haired French Canadian art student moosey boy who has super cool accent but looks like a fuckboy jock from high school that bullies kids for their lunch money. uses condoms instead of balloons because outa here normies. Sounds definitely gay,,, nvm IS definitely gay,,, NVM is only def gay for Solid. Oh yeah and is angr smol child but is too tall to pick up. :(
Solid: Wright is gay

Haven: Wright is gay

Wright: Yeah.
by yes i'm a rjeindeer fjucker January 20, 2018
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When a man dramatically smacks food or other objects from the hand of an unsuspecting female, then abuptly walks off without word to her. This usually takes place after they had engaged in intimate personal interactions and guilty admissions about her out-of-state boyfriend, over drinks the night before. Typically, this female is seemingly innocent, and this could perhaps be the worst and most stunning thing a male has ever done to her. A look of shock and bewilderment follows, and perhaps a single tear.
Nice young lady carrying popcorn by the copy machine comes up to say hello to the gentleman she had confided in the night before... and BAM! Popcorn all over the floor, bitch! "You just got Wrighted, hoe!"
by machnhed October 14, 2010
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the creating of a wright (a skilled craftsman)
He is going through the wrighting process right now.
by Chance Carpenter May 21, 2006
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someone skilled in manufacture - especially of wooden objects.
the wright made a much better wooden horse than jesus.
by old spice July 10, 2006
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