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For starters, FORGET male Codi's. Female Codi's are the best. anyone named Codi is a beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes and a breath taking smile. A suitable job would be a supermodel, actor or a singer or anything that requires major talent and natural beauty. Codi's are just about the best type of women around. they are funny, cute, smart and get the hottest guys. Lets face it. everyone wants to be a female Codi.
Did you see that gorgeous girl? she must be a Codi!
Wow. that girl can sing. She must be a Codi!
by ABCDEFG.TheTruth101 August 05, 2011
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(Noun)- A women named Codi is typically beautiful and absolutely stunning with an incredible body, breath taking eyes, and perfect smile. They are known to be very lovable, funny, and enjoy swearing. Codi's are multi-talented and can do just about anything. Codi's are envied by other women and wanted by all men.
You're dating Codi, god damn!
by hot4coreyb February 16, 2010
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The act of quickly consuming an amount of alcohol intended to be enjoyed over the span of an evening, due to exterior circumstances.
Charlene showed up last minute to the pre-party and ended up pulling a Codi. She doesn't remember the night...
by Charlene Faulkenburg December 01, 2009
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She is very beautiful with striking brown eyes(usually). She will have many boyfriends but only one at a time because she is not a player, whore, or a slut. She also can not stand sluts. She will eventually fall for a very charismatic guy named Michael. This guy will probably be one of her best friends. She is very charismatic, loves church, family, and typically loves horses because she will probably be from the South. She will show her Christianity faith inside and out. Even though she is loving she will be very Anti-Gay. She will be a great best friend too all the dorks, even though she is very capable of being popular. She just does not like to be apart of the "it" crowd because she believes drama is a waste of time. She is very intelligent. She is basically the entire package. Any guy would be lucky to have her. She also believes in spending every moment as her last. She loves to have fun. She is very hot and very loving.
(Person #1) I met this beautiful girl. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I do not know what i would do without her! I believe she saved me in every possible way a person can be saved.

(Person #2) O, you must be talking about Codi. Man, hold onto her!
by kimberly223344 October 10, 2011
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a bad ass playa with a huge shaft who is great in the sack and keeps his pimp hand strong at all times
by butter loverr November 08, 2010
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