1. I sat there shinking about how to do my three-hour homework in 30 minutes.
2. Yesterday I shunk so hard I came up with a new business plan.
by Thekillerpebble November 20, 2019
Shopping + Drinking = Shinking
The act of walking through a mall shopping and stopping at bars along the way.
JoJo came to Pennsylvania for our annual pre-Christmas shinking trip.
by Kbright November 24, 2009
1. an evasive sinking maneuver on a 90 degree angle from the pursuer's course

2. aggressive facial expression of dwarf child stars
1. "Yea, he was coming at me with this little blade he pulled out from under his tongue and so at the last second i shinked out of the way he just tripped over me."
2."Hehe! did you see Gary Coleman shink just then?"
by lauren satothewin January 23, 2004
When you're lying on the couch in an awkward and uncomfortable position but you can't be bothered turning over.

Origin: The word comes from the swedish word 'skinka' (meaning ham). Ham is slaughtered pig, and being slaughtered can't be very comfortable at all.
-"Man, my back hurts"
-"I spent the whole evening shinking in front of the TV, I think my spine is twisted"
by Informalskin March 14, 2008
to think in the shower

verb: shinking
adverb: shinked
noun: shink
adjective: shinker
I was feeling the water dribble down my back as I was shinking wondering what clothes felt like opposed to what we felt like in them
by red hair babe September 12, 2017
When someone hits your boob.
Jen: Wow Hannah, I like your shirt! What does it say?
Jen touches the shirt's text
Hannah: Jen get your hands off my shirt! You just shinked me!
by Dona T. Reid February 8, 2008
All these people out there have really bad tattoos, they have 'shink'
by J1600 May 1, 2010