a word that could mean anything
shinks me it dey

yu geh de shinks yet boy?

person 1:pass dat ting fuh meh na
person 2:wah it is you really talkin bout boy?
person 1:de ting na......umm....wa yuh call it?.....de shinks dey na
by bahh April 17, 2007
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norfolk corruption of the phrase "i should think so"
shaun-"are you coming down the pub tonight, dean ?"
dean-" shink so!"
by Shaun Newrick October 22, 2007
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A much easier and pleasant way to say masturbation so that you can say it comfortably with friends and in public.
Bro mah legs were painin afta da gym. But two sessions of shink shank made me feel better.
by Gandalf the straight December 25, 2016
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A strange person who can’t be explained. Usually comes from Bristol has brown hair and and can quote despicable me. (The Shink- the Shink of all shinks - has a disability where he must spell lube - loob)
Guy #1 - what’s Shink on about?
Guy #2 - I don’t think anybody really knows.
by Blake-cake-snake January 08, 2018
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In a first person shooter game, to kill a player/npc by using a "projectile melee" weapon such as a throwing knife, ninja star, or CoD Advanced Warfare's Spike Drone - the weapon that inspired the term.
"Bro did you see me just shink that guy from across the map?!"
by dadmin86 January 24, 2021
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To sell something and buy it back at a lower price in order to get more value out of it
Pepe decided to shink ETH when the price reached an all time high.
by ShinkMyCoins March 07, 2018
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