To sell something and buy it back at a lower price in order to get more value out of it
Pepe decided to shink ETH when the price reached an all time high.
by ShinkMyCoins March 8, 2018
Student 1: Hey, did you hear someone took a shink in the boy's bathroom?
Student 2: Damn, that's crazy
by CabralCorp February 2, 2022
When taking a shit at a railway station and all the cubicles are taken and the only option is to shit in the sink. Taking a Shink.
My train was about to depart so I had to take a shink.
by Shinkman May 22, 2021
The act of a male masturbating oneself while taking a shit.
He kept annoying his colleagues because he was shinking all the time
by Salade de fruit June 9, 2021